Monday, 9 February 2015

Weddington Way- Red Carpet Inspired

Hello again everyone!

I have another style challenge post today and this one is glamorous!

The fabulous people over at Weddington Way got in touch with me recently and asked would I create a red carpet inspired look. It's height of awards season with the Grammys happening last night, followed by the Oscars which are set to be held in a few weeks, it's the ideal time to look at what would I wear when I win my award for being totally cool! (Emojis would really help me out here!)

But I'm sure we've all thought of that red carpet, VIP experience. The photographers, the press, the people- you slipping in to a beautiful dress, almost dripping with confidence and excitement. Having your hair and makeup done, being polished to absolute perfection. AND you get to meet all the stars- be starstruck when you meet Meryl Streep, marvel over how gorgeous Megan Fox is and swoon as Ryan Gosling strolls by. It's the stuff dreams are made of!

While I'm not winning an Academy Award just yet, I certainly can plan what I would wear when I do.

Weddington Way have an enormous range of bridesmaid dresses. Enormous! Choosing the dress alone took me days to decide. They give you a great idea of colour, fit, style, theme and then narrow it down based on your tastes. Of course I got greedy and pored through all of them! I finally got it down a few dresses.

The runner ups:

OK, how stunning are these dresses?! The shape, fit, the colours. Either of these would look magnificent as a red carpet worthy dress. That rich plum with a chandelier earring and the royal blue with an elegant wreath necklace. Amazing!

This deep red is stunning and totally timeless, and a little like the final dress I choose. Check out the chiffon options here.

This navy dress would be stunning with silver and a intricate upstyle.

However it was this little beauty which I ended up choosing:

Shoes- get here Bag- get here (that bag is selling fast!)
Then pair it with just these earrings:
I think in terms of jewelry the earrings are enough, though a bangle is acceptable too. 

Go with the classic, old Hollywood waves:

And then go with a beautiful, bronze eye -everything else is quite soft so you can go deep for makeup! :

Et, voila! You're ready to dazzle, darling!

Lots of love,

P.S. Do check out Weddington Way if you're a bride to be or if you want to just play around with a red carpet event idea for yourself! They've made it very easy to shop and navigate and have a really cool approach to dress shopping.(People even upload photos of themselves in the dresses and review them too!)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I highly appreciate your sharings.