Friday, 21 December 2012


Hello all! It's another lifestyle post today, I'm documenting my fun times now so when I look back in a few months time I can envy my past self's freedom. (Final year problems)

It's another day out- Elyse is selfishly moving back to her home in America on Saturday, inflicting a state of sadness upon Natalie and I. I suppose her family do deserve to see her over Christmas, but we'd like to have her back.

To celebrate (read: commiserate) the occasion, we went out for our last day together before Elyse leaves. In true homage to the tourist, we went to Temple Bar in search of "Mongolian Barbeque". MB is a new restaurant that all the cool kids are banging on about. Naturally, we had to investigate.

You arrive and one of the friendly staff seat you, they will then ask you if you have ever been here before, should you say "no" they will proceed to tell you the process.

You go to the self-serve buffet area, pick up a bowl, fill it with an array of veggies and noodles (and tofu- yum), choose your meat or fish (pork or chicken), add whichever spices you choose and add your sauces. You then take your bowls (you acquire an extra bowl when you get meat) to a counter where the chefs fry them for you, right in front of you. They then pop it all into a large bowl and you are free to return to your seat where a massive pitcher of water and a bowl of delicious Japanese rice await you. 

The food is absolutely delicious and it's healthy- they are very sparing in regard to the amount of oil they use to cook the food with.

We were far too full to even contemplate dessert (though the menu was appealing) so I advise to arrive hungry.

It's also incredibly cheap. If you arrive before 4.30 pm you only pay €5 for all you can eat. I believe after this it rises to €12 and €16 for the early bird and dinner menus receptively. The restaurant is tiny, lively and feels friendly. It's not at all fancy, so wearing jeans, a tracksuit or runners (trainers/sneakers) will not be an issue.
Natalie filling up on noodles.

The best part is- it's all you can eat. So if your friends are feeling particularly hungry, go in and enjoy!

My concoction- mmm.

Natalie's dinner.

Following a brilliant lunch/dinner (we only lasted two trips- stuffed!) we strolled (read: google-mapped our way) to Capitol, a gorgeous cocktail bar on Lower Stephen's Street. Captiol is a chic and lively area, normally packed out after 9 pm every night. This is largely due to the fact that they make ridiculously good (sinful) cocktails for a mere €5. On Thursday and Friday nights they do a two for €5 offer on cocktails too, so drop in if you're passing. Brace yourselves, they have a huge cocktail menu to pick your way through. It took us ten minutes alone to decide which cocktail to chose. We all tried a different cocktail each (only one, we still have exams, ain't nobody got time to study drunk) Natalie chose an "Orange Smartie", Elyse bought a "Hazeltini" and I opted for a "Killer Punch" (it appears I'm partial to Amaretto). All of them were good, but I liked mine the most, closely followed by the Hazeltini. I've ventured here once before and got a Pina Colada (I like to try a Pina Colada in every cocktail bar I go to, just to see the variation.) 


"Killer Punch"

"Orange Smartie"

 So we left, and headed out to see Christmas lights and window shop. I didn't manage to get a great photograph (it's almost like it's peak trade at Christmas or something!) of this, though I did try.

Oh, yes, canoes.

Hope you're all enjoying the run up to Christmas, love you lots.
Laura x


  1. Your blog is making me so hungry! I still think it's awesome though.

    1. I'm quite hungry looking at this post too! Thanks for stopping by, your blog is awesome too, I subbed!

      Have a great day.


  2. this post made me tear up a bit, i miss you girls so much!

    1. Miss you tonnes too! Natalie and I still pine for you!