Saturday, 8 December 2012


So I got a little feedback from the Christmas in Dublin post. It appears people enjoyed it. I'm still going to keep concentrating on fashion looks and beauty reviews, but I'll be popping in a few excursions in my blog too. Now that this little abstract is done, we can move along to the more important things in life.. Cocktails!

Natalie and I went to Q-bar for some cocktails. My friend was also coming to join us. She was over an hour late, so Natalie and I got some drinks while we waited. (No complaints there)
Natalie, looking a little bored.

Natalie's Strawberry Daiquiri.

Tropical Illusion

We got a little bored while waiting for my friend, so we took pictures of our shoes..

Success! A photo of Natalie's Shoobs and my loafer-heels!

Amaretto Sour (definitely my favourite drink there)

She's here!

Someone always orders a Cosmo..

The remains of the free shots we had. (The bartender took a shine to my friend)

Qbar is a cute place, it plays good music (The Cure and The Smiths, I couldn't be happier!) and there's a night club downstairs (playing more recent chart tunes), though we were content that night with our couches by the window (people watching) and slugging cocktails. 

My top (black velvet peplum) is from Newlook.
Trousers and shoes- Penney's.
Earrings are from Topshop.
Moustache nails tutorial.

Natalie's top and bracelets are from Newlook.
Blazer, leggings and shoes are from Penney's.

My other friend's playsuit is from ASOS.
Denim jacket is from Topshop.

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