Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas in Dublin

I'm an avid fan of The Londoner, I love her blog, I read it whenever I have the time. (Check it out, she's got amazing style, her posts are always entertaining, she provides kick ass recipes, and she's drop dead beautiful.) Then it made me realise what a crime it is to live in such a wonderful city like Dublin and not show you guys! So, a break from my usual looks and reviews, I'm going to show you a day out in Dublin (well partially anyway)! I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you like these kinds of posts.

Feeling dragged down in the dumps due to all the final essays and upcoming exams, my BF/housemate, Natalie and I went for a little lunch date with our wonderful American friend, Elyse. (And of course we did mild "window shopping" afterwards). You can have fun, even when you're a broke college kid.

Obligatory photos before we left for the day.

We went to Carluccio's for lunch, none of us had ever been before. Needless to say, the food was divine, the decor was kitsch and bright and the staff were adorable. Natalie treated me to lunch, but the food wasn't expensive either. (Though Natalie did inadvertently order a €4 bottle of water). 

Elyse's lemonade- it tasted "awesome" as I was informed.

I went for the Fettucce con Polpette- Pasta and Meatballs in a tomato and basil sauce (yum)

Not entirely sure what either Nat or Elyse got, but both of them enjoyed it! 

Sadly, Elyse had to meet other friends on her Erasmus program for a night out, so Natalie and I left, tummies full, for some sightseeing in and around Grafton. (And in search of a cheap Christmas jumper). Unfortunately I didn't get to photo Elyse in her super cute Christmas jumper. (Not like Natalie and I were copying or anything...)

 Too many people were swarmed around the Brown Thomas displays, but we managed to get this one shot of the snowman. (And a very blurry shot of Brown Thomas)

And then on for a Christmas-themed coffee. (Eggnog latte and Praline Mocha)

For some odd reason every Starbucks Natalie goes to can never spell her name- see the following

Natalie's adorable Reindeer jumper is from H&M- her blouse, jeans and boots are all from Penney's. Her bag, I am told, is a "borrowed" item from her cousin, so its origins are unknown.

My studded jumper is from Newlook, jeans are from American Eagle, Chelsea boots are from F&F at Tesco, bag is Longchamp.

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