Monday, 8 October 2012

Hair nightmare!

Warning. This is a first world problem post.

Over the summer, while in America, I had a hair disaster.

My aunt, a former hairdresser coloured my hair, and it ended up being significantly blonder on the first colour, with quite a bit of breakage (a rare thing for my hair). We cut it and made notes on the colour as it was a relative success.

Then, a few weeks later when my roots needed colouring she reapplied the same colour with the same peroxide. This time the colour was hot to touch (like a fresh cup of tea hot) and burned my head. My eyes were streaming and my face was getting red. I couldn't keep the colour on any longer and after 30 minutes I had to take the colour off, the result was dark grey roots (odd, given that I'm a natural blonde and was lightening my hair). So she immediately applied another blonde colour over this once we had dried the hair. The result from this was white roots. I mean white. Old lady white. (See inset)

So the following day we applied another blonde colour (with a low volume peroxide) with a gold tone in it to kill the ash. This takes incredibly quickly, and was improving instantly, but then a catastrophic move was made, my aunt took the colour through to the ends. The result, was this.

A little difficult to gather from these pictures, but I had blonde roots and charcoal grey hair. In addition to this, most of my hair had snapped, particularly on the top. So it had random tufts all over, and it was incredibly frizzy and porous, something which it had never been before.

My aunt and I stumbled across this magic stuff called "Colour Oops" in a CVS. There's no ammonia or peroxide in it, but I soaked my hair in two bottles of the mixture, waited as the instructions had specified, then shampooed and rinsed for 30 minutes. (That was a fun experience). My colour was blonde again, not the original blonde it had been before, it had a very ash tinge to it, but I was happy to be finished with wrecking my hair.

Though now it is completely insane looking, like my 8 year old sister cut it. 

My mum (a hairdresser) had a near panic attack when I returned from America, and we have been putting treatments in so to restore the hair to its previous condition. It will take a year or so for it to return to its original quality, as it's much finer now too (that will be all the breakage). There's short chunks on the top of my hair that look like awful attempts of layers, so when I wake up in the morning I look like a cockatoo. It kind of looks like I was going for a mullet- inspired cut. 

This was my hair before the ordeal (I've posted this photo before):

This is my hair currently (Tiger pose FTW):

Currently, my hair is getting a lot of intensive treatments, and limited exposure to heat. All I can do at this point is wait for it to grow, and to wear clip in extensions (the glue-in, bonds and microbead variety will only cause further breakage).


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