Friday, 24 August 2012

Can you say excited?

Autumn's a-coming! Pardon me for being the quirky chick, but I love Autumn! The weather isn't yet too hot or too cold, you can wear some of your Summer and Winter wardrobe together, but with Autumn brings a whole new season of fashion. Trends are looking to be as spicy and as rich as the leaves falling from the trees.

Things I've spotted for the approaching Autumn season are;

Chelsea Boots-,r:2,s:0,i:81

What us equestrian-heads would consider short riding boots (jodphur boots) will now be taking a holiday from the arena and voyaging on to city streets. These are going to look fabulous with skinny jeans, skirts and tights and shorts and tights. I'm so excited to buy a pair of these as soon as I find some. (ASOS are stocking some, but if all else fails, head to the local equestrian shop. I promise, basic is better with the Chelsea boot and they're made to withstand a lot more wear than what you'll find at a clothes shop. Plus, multi-functional! When they go out of style, you always know you can take up horse riding!).

Tartan, Baby!
The Tartan trend is back! I'm irrevocably ecstatic about this, I can finally buy the Tartan trousers I've lusted for since I was 15. Currently to be found in H&M in the Divided section- a red, tartan skinny trouser. For me, I'll be rocking it with a denim shirt and the classic ballet flat, then upgrade to boots as the winter kicks in. Mixing patterns is still a dominant street trend, so a striped jumper is going to look fantastic with these beauties.

Scarlet hues.
Rich reds are parlaying the fashion frontiers. Embrace all reds this season, they'll be a faithful companion throughout the winter. Be absorbed in the oxblood, burgundy, scarlet, wine, ruby, crimson, maroon and rust- they're going to be your luxurious love affair for the A/W '12 season.

Sequins and Winter party season? Groundbreaking.
But acknowledge these little sparklers pre-Christmas. Wear with knits and softer fabrics and textures for a sexy, relaxed look.

Again, another shocker. So the Christmas jumper knit is not due to be taken out just yet, knits are coming in a wide spectrum of fit and fabric. Heavier people should go with a finer knit (plus, it's easier to layer with!) to  avoid looking bulkier, while slimmer people have the option to rock a chunky knit (combine with skinny jeans or similarly fitted pants to avoid looking like an early snowman).

This season the ornate, oriental Asian inspired prints and the Baroque style prints are gaining glory. Both have a decadent, luxurious feel. To avoid over-doing it, stick to printed layers to ease yourself in to these new trends, perhaps an oriental blouse peeking through a blazer and jeans combo. These trends are intended to be worn mixed withing themselves, so feel free to rock several different Baroque and/or oriental prints at once!

Biker chic
The classic leather jacket rears its beautiful head once again. This is one item to invest in, as leather jackets always come back into style. The LJ is a fantastic piece that can me worn with a huge variety of looks, and you'll be hard pressed to go to clothes shops that don't carry a LJ or leather look jacket.

I think that it may be time to go shopping!

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