Tuesday, 19 June 2012

US Haul!

I may or may not have picked up a few purchases over here, but I promise- they're either things that cannot be found in Ireland or are super wonderful bargains!

 This bag was €225 when I saw it in BT. I was at a Guess store over here, spotted this for $70, and decided to buy it, went to the register for the cashier to tell me it had been reduced again to $45! That's about €35, so I've pretty much saved €200! Bargain, eh?

I've spent and inordinate amount of time at Victoria's Secret since I've arrived here (and conversationally I have an interview with them this week too!) buying underwear, clothes and make up. Obviously I'm not going to show the panties I bought, but I've discovered their makeup and I'll do a more in depth review on it soon. I'm loving their tinted moisturiser- especially as it's so hot here, it becomes difficult to wear makeup without it evaporating in the heat. They also have some cool eye shadow shades (I love "Between the Sheets")

You also might be able to see my teeth are a little whiter- I succumbed to the trend and bought Crest Whitestrips. Best. Decision. Ever. I'll be doing a raving review soon!

I've also picked up some jeans and stuff here, but it's laundry day tomorrow and they're not in much state to be photographed just yet, so when they're clean again I'll post some photos.

Give thanks for all you've got.
Love Laura 


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