Saturday, 28 April 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Review

As said before, I wanted to do a review on foundations. Recently, I picked up PhotoReady liquid foundation from Revlon. I've given it a few weeks trial before I review it, but to put the point across, I hate it!

I like a light coverage, this foundation is very much a medium to full coverage. But even the coverage I could deal with if I was going out for the night or something. It's the drying consistency of the foundation that I hate! I've tried to combat this with applying a lot of moisturizer, but this just means it applies normally, and then dries my skin out quickly and ends up simply sitting on my face, and leads to it becoming flaky looking. What is more bizarre is my skin isn't particularly dry to begin with. It has great staying power, unfortunately, as it looks awful on my skin.

It's an oil-free foundation with a lot of coverage, so it's probably better for people with greasy skin and who may want to cover more blemishes. But, I definitely won't be buying this product again!


  1. I've tried two Revlon foundations (Colorstay and the other one) and none of them was good. I not understand why girls so love their products, as for me the coverage is not enough and they also left my skin dry.

  2. I feel the same! It's so drying!