Saturday, 14 April 2012

L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream Review

BB creams are big news at the moment, for those who aren't sure what BB cream is - they're meant to be a hybrid of SPF, makeup and moisturizer. They're essentially a tinted moisturizer.

Last week while I was browsing in Boots, I came across this and thought I'd try it out. According to the label the BB cream, or Bare Skin Beautifier "Mimics the texture & glow of perfect bare skin". I love light coverage so I was really excited to try this out. Overall I'm happy with this product, it gives me a bit of even tone without heavy coverage, I purely wear makeup for the colour and not the cover. The result is a beautiful, subtle finish and it looks like it's your own skin.

The bottle is pretty small for the price you pay for the product, about €14. I don't know how long this is going to last me for, but with the bottle's small size, I have my doubts.

It applies as a greyish/pearly colour with purple specks in it. It's very liquidy and not as thick as I expected it to be. Don't let the initial colour of it put you off, if changes to blend with your skin as you rub it in.

It applies with a soft finish at the end. Unfortunately, my camera isn't that great and didn't pick up the lighting correctly, but it gives a subtle amount of colour and a gentle finish, which I love. 

I'm somewhat sallow so I got the medium skin tone, which suits me fine. A drawback to it is that it only comes in light and medium skin tones, and does not offer a shade for darker skin tones which seems pretty unfair to me. 

Allegedly the BB cream is supposed to last 24hrs, which I don't agree with, while it did last me all day, it was gone after about 12 hours, but because it's so natural it's not obvious it's gone. The cream can feel quite rough when you apply it, the beads in it feel like they're scratching at your skin, which passes almost instantly. I didn't find it particularly hydrating as the product claimed it to be, but it certainly didn't dry my skin out. Other than that, I really like the results and I'll probably buy it again. 

I'll be doing a few more foundation reviews soon! 

Much love

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