Sunday, 25 March 2012

Naked 2 Palette

Since its release at the end of last year, this has been widely talked about, considering the reign of supremacy its predecessor has. Urban Decay have turned over millions in both products and for very good reasons- they're incredible. I bought the Naked 2  palette over a month ago and I felt with a month's experience and experimentation I'd be licensed to give a thorough review on it.

What I love about the Naked 2 palette is the actual eye shadows, they're intensively pigmented, which means you only have to use a little to see the desired affect. This leads to more of a longevity of the product as a whole. (Pretty much, you can use the heck out of it and still have loads more left!) So, in the long run, you're saving money.

The actual colours of the shadows speak for themselves, and the palette has great variety in it across the board. The colours all blend together well, and can be used in combination with one another. There's  such a diverse selection of hues ranging from a soft ivory colour to a full on intense black. There are only three matte shades (Foxy, Tease and Blackout) but let this not be off putting, the only strong metallic shade is a bronze (Chopper), and in all honesty, bronze is a strong look on an eye and without the metallic going through it, it's going to look more like a bruise than anything else. The remaining colours have soft metallics through them, so are definitely wearable during the day and night.

A lot of people are really apprehensive about the shadow, "Tease", so I've been concentrating on using it as often as possible, and it's definitely one of my favourites! You can create a day appropriate take on the smokey eye with only "Tease",  which I wear it frequently for work.

Another positive attribute to the palette is the ease it becomes to shift from day to night make up looks exceptionally quick. For instance - two nights ago, after I'd finished work at 9 and arrived home by 10,  my friends greeted me with the news of an impromptu night out, I still had college work to do, so I definitely didn't have time to do proper make up. Having gone to work wearing a light smokey eye, and it still perfectly intact, I reapplied my foundation and added a bit of the darker colours (Busted and Blackout) and quickly popped on the highlighting shadow "Bootycall". It took me about 3 minutes to get both eyes done.

Yet another piece of praise to the palette is the longevity the shadows have, I only wear makeup for work or for going out, and in both situations I find that make up can come off quite quickly, not this stuff! Not once has the colour ever faded or disappeared on me! Even if my foundation has long since gone, the shadow is perfectly intact, as if I've just applied it!

With all these positives, this review is beginning to sound like a glorified ad, with that, there are a few issues I'm having with the palette (First world problems, eh?!)

The colour "Foxy". I don't know why they've included this. I'm relatively sallow skinned, but this colour just does nothing. It has no benefit to its use in the slightest. I put it on and it doesn't change my appearance in the slightest. I just look at it and think that UD could have included something far superior than this. Maybe it will work better on dark skin tones, if anyone could give me feedback on that I'd love to hear it. I resent this colour, it's not working for me at all.

The packaging. The packaging isn't as attractive as the original Naked palette, it works fine, and the shadows are well contained and secure, but in terms of UD's normal packaging, it dims in comparison. (See? First world problems!)

Overall, it's a great product with an abundance of positives linked with it. The brush it comes with is a nice addition, and it also comes with Lip Junkie lip gloss, which plumps your lips! Without trying to sound like I'm pushing a sale, I love it, so if you're looking for something like it then definitely consider buying it. The price ranges from €36- €41 and can be bought in Debenhams or in House of Fraser. (Much easier found in the UK and US I'd imagine!)

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