Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trending- Balayage

If you haven't heard of the balayage yet, you most certainly will in the near future. The balayge has been hitting the street in hoards recently. Oddly, the balayage was a huge trend in 2011 along with the ombre trend, however it seems to be gaining in momentum now. Celelbrity examples of the balayage trend include Lauren Conrad, Lily Aldridge, Elle McPherson, Drew Barrymore, Gisele Bunchden and Jessica Biel. Regardless, when done correct, it looks marvelous. Think sunkissed, California girl hair. If you're taking the balayage plunge, go slow, and do it in a hairdresser's- it's not just slapping colour on your ends blindly- it's down to a subtle technique which you're going to f*** up if you do it yourself. That being said, it's a fairly economical look to maintain, you're not going to need your roots done every few weeks, so if you're the busy type who can't fit in regular salon appointments, strapped for cash and can't afford the upkeep of regular salon visits, and for the lazy people who lack the motivation to maintain their hair regularly. What's better is, if you don't like it, after a few weeks break you can change it really easily! Team it with some loose curls and a centre part for a Victoria's Secret Angel look.

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  1. I started to die my hair with baleyage loooong time ago, two colours (lighter and darker one) plus my natural colour.