Friday, 3 February 2012

S/S '12 on the Highstreet.

Finally! S/S is seeping into the highstreet. I get a fiendish delight when I see new season coming in. So I'm posting a brief update on the stuff I have seen in stores. Now I'm picking up flip flops in dire anticipation of this summer coming. Pretty much we have the usual suspects- Rivera/Nautical, Pastels and Floral. This year there is a huge emphasis on prints, and a fun retro vibe sweeping the streets. Not exactly groundbreaking, but wearable, timeless and trending nonetheless. H&M have some amazing capsule wardrobe ideas- they've gone for a very vintage, nautical, French look this year, a wonderful trademark of the European brand. Their key looks being the pencil skirt, brights, spots, retro-meets-classic (take a look at their trench coats, I'll be getting the beige myself). River Island have a great sweep of the grunge and prints in stores at the moment, with some really amazing jeans and accessories. Topshop haven't committed to one look and have an entire range of styles streaming through their doors. As usual, they've got incredible, eclectic pieces, with pastels being predominant with their new stock. I'm craving their soft coloured jeans, a gorgeous red pencil dress and a dalmatian-printed bag of theirs. Mosey over to Penneys/Primark too, they've surpassed themselves this year with their new stock, they've opted for a colourful palette, pastel hues and feminine pieces. They've also got some mega amazing heels and really cute blazers, I think I'll be picking up the navy. Newlook have also gone with the pastels range, they've got some really cute shoes at the moment, so I'll definitely be going in to check them out.

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