Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Listen up, budding entrepreneurs!

So I'll put it out there- I'm what one would describe as "busty", finding tops and dresses that fit me requires a masterful balance of skill, perception and persistence. Even more so is finding a bra. You may as well rule out finding a pretty one which doesn't require you to remortgage. With the closure of  La Senza in Ireland, anyone over a DD cup is up the creek sans paddle. It's not like having a large chest is rare anymore. In my apartment alone three out of six of us are over an E cup. I'd estimate that one in three of my female friends are over a DD cup. I can also assure that none of them want to buy the hideous contraptions which appear to be the only option for us- a rare find at that too. I feel I can speak on behalf of all the young, big boobed generation that there is a definite niche for pretty DD+ bras in more affordable prices- I'd happily spend 60 euro on 4 pretty bras if they were available. It's incredibly disheartening seeing my normal-chested friends find beautiful underwear for 6 euro while I delve into the dregs of Brown Thomas, clutching an unmoulded, flesh coloured shiny polyester piece for 37 euro as the only reward of my continual pursuits. Why has no one thought to establish some lingerie company which caters to such needs and doesn't charge extortionate prices? Someone somewhere, change this, please!

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