Wednesday, 16 December 2015

First Date- Christmas Edition!

First Date- Christmas Edition!

Waterfall coat
£20 -

Skinny leg jeans

Pointed toe shoes
£22 -

Kate Spade cross body
£170 -

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Don't let bad style ruin a good date

Dates are great. You're (hopefully!) hanging out with someone who gives you butterflies in your tummy, who makes you laugh and feel relaxed yet totally nervous all at once. Or for a few hours you're lumped with someone who has the personality of a foot and who chews loudly. But it's fun getting to know someone you have a spark with and really enjoying your time with them.

Getting ready for the date is as big a production as the date itself! You're thinking about your hair, hoping you don't get a spot just before you go, checking your teeth like you're going to the dentist and of course- the clothes!

Many of us want to look sexy, put together but not that we've tried too hard (yes, boys too). I know my male friends talk about their favourite outfits girls wear and they all have the same things in common- if she looks like she's uncomfortable, self conscious and over exposed they're not in to it. As for what girls think of guy's outfits- make a little effort, we love it! Provided you're not wearing a morning tailcoat to Nando's we're pretty happy. Saying that wearing socks over your tracksuit pants or looking sloppy is unlikely to win you a second date.

So for the classic drinks scenario for the girls try something like this top from River Island

 Pair it with these miracle jeans from Warehouse

Slip on these babies from Missguided

Add a lovely coat in case it's chilly (thanks, Warehouse)

And grab yourself a classic bag like this one from DKNY
√Čt voila! Here you have a gorgeous outfit (all of which can definitely be worn again as part of a good working wardrobe too)

For the boys choose something like this slick shirt

These essential jeans
These unreal brogues 
And maybe pop on this jumper if it's a little breezy out!

A great quip I read recently was "Confidence begins with the layer closest to you", bringing me to my next point. You need the right underwear to suit the outfit- this is super important. You've come so far now to ruin it with the last finishing touches. Nothing ruins a well thought out outfit more than visible bra straps or baggy boxers stuffed awkwardly in slim fit jeans.

Girls, for the above top you're going to need a good strapless bra. Even if you've got big boobs strapless bras are still a possibility. M&S are absolute god sends when it comes to reliable lingerie. Try this strapless or this option if you're bigger busted. Then wear something not too low rise in forms of underwear to prevent any muffin top mishaps- something like this.

For the guys- boxers are fine when you're wearing loose fitting clothes but if you're going for a slim fit (which is defintely more on trend now!) you need to wear better fitting underwear. There is simply no point in making big efforts for a date only to ruin it all before you've gotten dressed.

These briefs/trunks from Tommy John are perfect- slim fitting, secure and cool. You're not going to be worry about how you look and you can focus on being a fun, interesting person to date! Check out their site for the rest of their range.

Here's an extra tip, guys, you don't need to be Ryan Gosling gorgeous with the body to match (though it's always a help!) you just need to be funny, confident, well dressed and smell good. If you've got that down you've already made it!

Have a good one!